Class Timetable

(Classes run year round INCLUDING during ALL school holidays)


(exluding all bank and public holidays)


Queens Park Pavillion

Queens Park Road





The Price is £8 per class. (Block booking required for Tuesday evening classes, only after your first trial class) priced at £45 for 6x classes.

Booking required for ALL classes. To book please 

Why Do Pilates?

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Lets keep the reasons why Pilates may help you simple. If you can't find anything from the list below which can help you then Pilates is not for you. If you can then 

1. Less Incidence of Back Pain
2. Better Posture
3. Greater Core Strength
4. More Flexibility
5. Increased Joint Mobility
6. Better Focus & Concentration
7. More Efficient Respiratory, Lymphatic and Circulatory System
8. A Flatter Stomach and a Trimmer Waist 
9. A Leaner, Longer Look

10.Better Co-ordination
11. Greater Body Awareness
12. Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation
13. A Sense of Calm and Well-being
14. Toned Arms and Shoulder Area
15. Toned Buttocks and Thighs
16. Boosted Immune System
17. A Better Body Shape
18.A Better Balance Between Strength and Suppleness

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